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This week in toku

So I managed to catch up on Wizard after about a month of forgetting to watch the episodes weekly. Just before the Mayu episode I'd been complaining about a few things-- namely, how the Phantoms haven't turned a single person and the show never addressed this, and how Haruto has a massive hero complex and the show hadn't really done anything with that either. My complaint then was that I felt it had some good concepts that it wasn't really utilizing to its full potential.

Don't you just love it when you complain about a show not doing something, and then a few episodes later it goes and does it?

Episodes 30-31 were just... yes. Yes yes YES, show, this is exactly what I've always wanted from you that I was complaining a month ago that you weren't doing. Let's take a brief look here, in semi-bulleted format.

» First, the Phantoms' utter inability to turn anyone into a fellow Phantom. They've got a worse record than the Orphenoch, for crying out loud. And when it's been 30 episodes and you haven't turned a single person, and the guy in charge doesn't mind and even tells you to keep going like normal? All the signs are pointing to Wiseman's goal being something else entirely separate from finding Gates and creating Phantoms.

» Sora the resident genre savvy villain figured this out pretty quickly, too, and got in on it. And he mentioned the Philosopher's Stone-- a new plot element this late in the game is certainly going to play a role in the final arc. (And may I just say I am SO HAPPY that they're keeping Sora "the unholy offspring of JK and Enter" around as a major villain. SO HAPPY.)

» The White Wizard is up to something, too. The timing he shows up with is incredibly convenient, as if he's watching the whole thing and chooses specific moments to butt in. He seems outright displeased at Haruto's new Infinity form. White Wizard and Wiseman both have some other agenda here, and my pet theory about them being in cohorts hasn't been disproven yet.

» In short, the Phantom's total failure at actually accomplishing their goal may be a reflection of something else totally different going on here.

» Plus we get to see someone almost get turned into a Phantom, which is pretty revealing. For the first time we're seeing up close how it happens, and it's not like the Orphenochs where they die and get reborn pretty easily. It's long and drawn out and it's painful, both physically and mentally, for the victim, and we're forced to watch, Haruto's forced to watch and can do nothing as this poor girl is in sheer agony. It's suddenly very clear why they haven't done this before now.

» And Haruto's hero complex. It's been obvious for so long, and the show has started getting into this recently, which I love because it needed to be addressed. Medusa's comment at the end of 27 is very telling: "Let the birth of a new Phantom be burned into your memory. Then let that drive you to despair, so that you can give birth to a Phantom as well." And doesn't she just have his personality pegged? Because at this point, becoming Wizard and saving people from the Phantoms is his only reason for living. It's the only thing that's keeping him going.

» Come to think of it, that may be the other reason they haven't actually turned anyone. Because what would Haruto do with the knowledge that he failed to save someone?

» So it's great to see what happens with him in 31 when he loses his magic. Suddenly he's powerless, because he needs to help people but he has no other way of doing it. What does he do? He tries to go out and find the Phantom anyway, because it's the only way he knows. And he's on the verge of hopelessness until others make him realize that even without magic, he can do more to help people just by being himself.

» And can we talk about the role reversal thing with Haruto and Nitou? Because in this episode, Haruto, who's only ever put others before himself before, is for the first time concerned primarily about himself. And Nitou, who always puts himself first, is for the first time truly devoting himself to helping someone else. And they both become better people for it.

» Basically, this entire episode I was just yelling "YES YES YES THIS EPISODE IS BRILLIANT."

» One final note: that's the third Kamen Rider series that Bishop has showed up in. Does this guy just really like KR or what? (Come to think of it, Long had a bit part in W and now he's in this show too. Let's play "spot the actors who like toku roles!")