( Jul. 19th, 2013 09:33 am)
So after watching the latest episode of Wizard it finally hit me what could really be going on here.

They seem to be all but confirming the whole "Wiseman is the White Wizard" thing. I mean, Sora led them to Wiseman's hideout and the White Wizard was there, right? At the very least they're in league with each other, and at best they're actually the same person. So if that's the case... what if the reason they've actually been driving Gates to despair this whole time is not to create Phantoms, but to create more wizards? They're created using the same methods, after all. It seems so obvious in hindsight and I'm baffled I never thought of it before. It would explain why they've never actually turned anyone into a Phantom on-screen-- that's not their actual goal. And for the ones where Haruto goes into their underworld and fights off their Phantom for them? Well, if they can't fight the thing off on their own, then there's no use for them, right? (I still think the Phantoms are being lazy with not tracking old Gates down, but TV show logic.)

And with the revelation that the White Wizard is Koyomi's father, I think it makes sense that whatever the hell he's actually trying to accomplish, he's somehow doing it for her. That's what I'd guess at this point. I'm just not sure exactly WHAT he's trying to accomplish (I'd assume something to do with her status as an empty shell) or how it involves the Philosopher's Stone. Need more details on that. But I feel like I'm almost-- not quite, but almost-- on the same page as Sora here, and I like it.
( Apr. 16th, 2013 07:12 pm)
So I managed to catch up on Wizard after about a month of forgetting to watch the episodes weekly. Just before the Mayu episode I'd been complaining about a few things-- namely, how the Phantoms haven't turned a single person and the show never addressed this, and how Haruto has a massive hero complex and the show hadn't really done anything with that either. My complaint then was that I felt it had some good concepts that it wasn't really utilizing to its full potential.

Don't you just love it when you complain about a show not doing something, and then a few episodes later it goes and does it?

Episodes 30-31 were just... yes. Yes yes YES, show, this is exactly what I've always wanted from you that I was complaining a month ago that you weren't doing. Let's take a brief look here, in semi-bulleted format.

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So today in Sociology 101 we started on the gender and sexuality chapter. First thing in class she hands us a "heterosexual questionnaire." Right from the first question I can see where this is going, so I start laughing and fill the thing out with tongue-in-cheek answers.

Here's the full thing along with the answers I got down, for full amusement factor:

Heterosexual questionnaire )
Screw it, I'm starting up a personal blog again. I don't care if no one even reads this, I just need somewhere to rant and ramble about everything.

There will likely be fandom stuff on here. More personal issues will probably be locked. Let's see how long this thing lasts.